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Welcome to the core of manpower skill that defines human resource as the most vital component to the liberal aims and objectives of any organizations of business. For companies with a recruitment mission, we shape the most strategic and creative part of the process. And for career-focused candidates, we become a channel for perfect synergy between career excellence and an equally rewarding remuneration.


Highly Skillful, Highly Educated, Highly Experienced
We assures that it would only deploy qualified candidates.It has a sufficient supply of candidates who have a wide range of experiences, and highly educated and skillful in their field of expertise.


In order to have a consistent and unprecedented growth, the company lives in its culture of:
continuous improvement of its system, policies, and structure passion for excellence honesty and transparency whole-hearted service


The employer must send to us their Business Proposal or Letter of Intent, together with their Job Order / Manpower Request Letter. The employer must indicate all the current and future job positions that they need, include the employee’s salary and compensation package, benefits, and their qualifications.


For complete information guide, the employer may fill-up also our own Manpower Request Details format, which is available upon request.
Discussion on the Terms and Agreement.
Once the Terms & Agreement has been approved by both parties, accreditation at the Embassy shall commence.